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i’m not as intimidating as you may believe.

If you only knew me

I do not presume to be the most commendable nor the loveliest of people, for I am well aware of the manner and air of which I carry myself.

I come across almost entirely menacing with an unforgettable dismal display of sign much like “Do not enter, hazardous past this point, enter at your own risk”. Or the most commonly known, “RBF” the lovely resting “Bitch face”.

I beg you, all who encounter me to reconsider your prior interpretation of my demeanor.

Behind this rough exterior and layered scars is a quiet loveliness that intends to shine through. I possess a calloused heart that’s softening as each day passes, trying to break free from days long since passed. 

My heart is to love, serve and encourage all of humanity to it’s truest and full potential, even through the loss of reciprocity.

You may call it a natural outflow of the kindness I was given a long time ago. It has, indeed left a lasting impression upon my soul.

My expression of this kindness, however flawed It may be…. I’m trying my very best despite the faults of circumstance and my momentarily giving into weaknesses.

Forgive me. Forgive me for making you stray from anything to the contrary of kindness. I promise you it was not my intention. I’m just a broken soul navigating this life while simultaneously walking through it with love and reverence to the best of my capacity.

I pray.. (if I haven’t lost you yet.) That now, you may be able to see that the cover of my book, however tattered and torn, inside, there lies a tale of a young lady of little means who has conquered another day with as much grace as she can muster, with a heart for people and their stories, wanting to contribute a verse in hope of reviving a weary soul.