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My Poetry


The art of affection can be ventured

but never mastered.

Generations proclaim they understand it

but I dare say it’s quite imperceptible.

Ever evolving

Ever elusive

and unquestionably



Cheer up my darlings

The trials you face in this season of fleeting obscurities

will soon turn tail

in fear of your providential awakening.

Wear your smile, for it was made for you.

You’re able to conquer your demons in confidence.

Your laughter alone in the face of futility, scatters adverse winds

as thunder rolls in and roars resounding chants of victory

I do not speak in naivety or lack of awareness

of the arduous and cruelty that life brings.

I speak in posture of experience, through fire and refinement.

And even still, have found a way to smile.


Ye footsteps trod in valley’s laden with fire,

we thought would undoubtedly consume.

In time have ventured through,

walk on, arise my darling, it’s time to bloom.


Put your hand peaceably over your heart.

Feel that?

Do you hear it?

The rise and fall of your chest spring forth your inhales and exhales.

Your very lungs were designed to give life…… not only for you but to breeds words and bring hope to those around you.

Don’t you see?

Your purpose is undeniably clear.

The Jester

Engrossing adversity has claimed victor

in the atmosphere of our intellect and out soul.

Such a fool he is.

Where else

In the spaces in between afternoon tea

and quaint unabating conversations be.

I’ve found novel pleasantry

in your affectionate glances towards me.

Where else would I rather be?


Contemplating life

As each stone is strategically placed and arranged

Its elevation is clearly imminent.

Within the ebb and flow of the tides

And the building and toppling of stones,

Life has it’s time of glory and of ruin.

Find the joy in standing tall

While the passerby delights in your frame

But if you should ever find yourself falling down, and apart, remember this.

You can be rebuilt



More beautiful than before

Every time we fall for unforeseen reasons

There will always be a kind soul

Who is willing to add and balance our stones?

So, let us not forget

This one simple thing

Let us rebuild, together.

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